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Thursday, October 07, 2004

I’m trying something new for my blog, which is called Photo Quiz. I’ll post a picture each week and list 3 possible answers pertaining to the photo. Here’s the first one.

These two guys:
a) are mechanical engineering students of UiTM firing a one-metre-long rocket.
b) launched a solid-fuel aided rocket to about 400m in the air.
c) trying to claim the USD$ 10m Ansari X-Prize.


Anyways, my score for the Yahoo! Fantasy Football has jumped tremendously this week after a really bad week. Most importantly, I’ve made it to the top 500 rank!! Haha.. highest ever!

Points: 907.18
Overall Rank: 407
Percentile: 99th Rank
Change: +360
posted by Ivan, 11:19 am


I'll take my chances and guess on option 'a'?

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