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uh... can you find the United States on a map?

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Here the question: Recent polls have shown a fifth of Americans can't locate the US on a world map. Why do you think this is? There's no easy answer to that - as Miss Teen USA entrant, Lauren Caitlin Upton of South Carolina, found to her cost, the YouTube clip featured below has been viewed more than eight million times, subjecting her to national ridicule.

In a panicked response that included asia, the Iraq and South Africa, the 18-year-old sounded just like a deer in headlights would, if it could talk...

IMHO.. she answered pretty well considering the fact that it is not an easy question. Anyways have no fear! I've cooked up something that WILL help future Miss Teen USA contestants answer the question IF it comes up again...


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Funny: Alonso vs Hamilton F1 Ad

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

In a press conference after the Formula One Grand Prix in Hungary, Lewis Hamilton, McLaren’s rookie sensation, spoke about getting the silent treatment from Fernando Alonso. The teammates hadn’t talked since one of the most awkward sights in Formula One qualifying.

Here's a quick recap for my non-F1 readers; With just over two minutes left in the decisive third session of qualifying, Alonso pulled into the pits for fresh tires before his final run at securing the pole. Waiting behind him was Hamilton. The crew replaced the tires, gave the car a quick once-over and raised the lollipop, a signal for Alonso to go. Only Alonso didn’t go. He stayed put in the pit box for another nine seconds, Hamilton still waiting behind him, and the crew standing around looking stupified.

Alonso sits in front of Hamilton for an addtional 9s in the pits during the Hungarian F1.

If Formula One Management hadn’t forced YouTube to take down the clips you could see it all for yourself. You could watch the seconds tick down before Alonso headed out for his final flying lap, in which he reclaimed provisional pole from Hamilton. It was pure gamesmanship, as he left Hamilton without enough time to complete a flying lap of his own and challenge for pole. It was also retribution. Hamilton explained that in the second qualifying session, he was supposed to let Alonso out of the pits first but didn’t...

The Alonso-Hamilton rivalry is best summarize in this hilarious ad clip by Mercedes-Benz... it shows that the rivalry is on and off the track. Beautifully done.

Hahaha... yup! That's Mika Hakkinen towards the end of the clip.

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Evidence of Global Warming

Monday, August 27, 2007

What's the big deal with global warming? Global warming refers to the increase in the average temperature of the Earth's near-surface air and oceans in recent decades and its projected continuation.

An increase in global temperatures is expected to cause other changes, including sea level rise, increased intensity of extreme weather events, and changes in the amount and pattern of precipitation. Other effects include changes in agricultural yields, glacier retreat, species extinctions and increases in the ranges of disease vectors.

So how did this happen? Water vapour, carbon-dioxide and methane form a natural blanket of air around the Earth. However, the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation has led to a massive increase in the amount of carbon-dioxide released into the atmosphere. We are also releasing larger quantities of other greenhouse gases, such as methane and nitrous oxide.

The surface of the earth is heated by the sun. As it warms up, it reflects heat back into the atmosphere.

About 70% of the sun's energy is radiated back into space. But some of the infrared radiation is trapped by greenhouse gases, which warm the atmosphere, and reflect heat back down to Earth.

As a result of the greenhouse effect, the Earth is kept warm enough to make life possible. But some scientists say that increased emissions of greenhouse gases are disturbing the balance of this complex system, causing global warming. In the last 100 years, the average global temperature has increased by about 0.4 to 0.8° C.

Evidence? Here's we go... temperature chart over the last century;

... and here's the temperature change;

... drill down chart by northern and southern hemishpere over the same period;

still don't get it?! I bet you will understand this graphical representation...


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Saturday Nite Live: QLD Roar vs Adelaide Utd

ugh.. I noticed that haven't done a personal post for quite awhile. So, I've decided to do one on my off day. ;)

The Hyundai A-League is back! I reckon this will be an exciting year for the league! The expectation's there... with new marquee signings (in particular those from Brazil - with no less than 13 samba boys spread across the competition's eight clubs!), new franchise team, and bigger crowd!

Anyways, few of us went to the first match of the season in Suncorp Stadium where home team, Queensland Roar take on Adelaide United! I was expecting a though match for Queenland as Adelaides' got a favourable record in Suncorp Stadium, unbeaten by the Roar in three previous meetings... and they had a pretty good pre season.

The match sure did not disappoint. Equal chances on both side of the field and the highlight of the match was a disallowed goal for Queensland Roar and as expected, Queensland Roar captain and marquee signing Craig Moore was sent off for a second bookable challenge within 5 mins of each other! haha... but Queensland Roar still managed to fight back from being behind - twice - to grab a 2-2 draw with Adelaide United.

I reckon the rest of the season will be tight... except for Sydney's lost to Central Coast by one goal, all matches ended in a draw.

Oh.. photos taken on my Nikon SLR. ;)

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What to do with Mobile Speed Cameras

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ahh... those speed camera vans are everywhere! These mobile speed cameras are increasingly being used by the police to enforce speed limits...

In the UK last year the numbers of mobile speed cameras hidden on motorcycle, police van and cars have risen by more than a third. The worst is... it can be ANYWHERE! I've heard of ppl getting caught on one of these mobile camera located right over the slope! :P

Anyways... here's a newspaper clipping on what some Aussie boys did to a speed camera van. hahaha... very creative!

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Master G: Words of Wisdom

Wise words from Master G;

Never argue with a fool. People might not know the difference.

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Things to do during wild weather

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wild weather is continuing to play havoc across Australia's south-east Queensland, with the Sunshine Coast feeling the brunt of the storm this morning.

There is still a severe weather warning for dangerous surf and damaging winds up to 90km/h, and all Gold Coast beaches and most on the Sunshine Coast are closed.

The wild weather is due to continue until Friday. So for those surfer dudes, they will be so disappointed not being able to surf for the week. For those who love the waves, here's my suggestion on how to keep busy when the beaches are closed. ;)

No, it's not wakeboarding...


All you need is your wakeboarding gear, a little flood and a SUV.

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Windows Vista Digital Watermark Replicated by Pirates?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This have been around for awhile... a spanish user of Windows Vista has discovered a photo owith 3 people on his Windows Vista DVD. According to Microsoft, the photo acts as a digital watermark to make it more difficult to replicate a Windows Vista DVD. Have a look:

Can you see it yet?

Cool huh? Well, Microsoft commented that the digital watermark will make it more difficult for pirates to replicate a Windows DVD... looks like those pirates are more resourceful... they came out with thier own watermark. Here's what I discovered:

Can you see it yet?

haha... dang! Have a good one! ^_-

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Quote of the Day: Kevin Rudd's Day Out

Monday, August 20, 2007

"Four years ago Kevin Rudd got drunk and took himself into a strip club. Four years ago John Howard, sober, took Australia into the Iraq war. I think the electorate can judge which one did the more harm."

Bob Brown, Australian Greens Senator, on opposition leader Kevin Rudd visiting Manhattan strip club Scores in 2003.

A newspaper revealed yesterday that Mr Rudd had visited the Scores gentlemen's club in Manhattan in 2003 during a taxpayer-funded trip as Opposition foreign affairs spokesman. This sparked accusations of a government smear campaign ahead of a vote tipped for November.

Rudd, a Mandarin-speaking former diplomat admitted visiting Manhattan strip club Scores in 2003 with a fellow MP and the Australian editor of the New York Post.

Father-of-three Rudd has a strong lead over Prime Minister John Howard in polls, helped by his family credentials and vow to improve education and rein-in work laws.

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Victoria Beckham at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Sunday, August 19, 2007

David Beckham brought back memories of Pelé and Franz Beckenbauer, reviving soccer football interest in the New York area for a night. Playing before a record crowd of 66,237 on Saturday, Beckham made his first Major League Soccer start and set up a pair of goals by Carlos Pavon in the first eight minutes.

While Beckham embarks on his American adventure... his wife, Victoria Beckham is trying to fit into her new lifestyle...

We don't do retouch... hahaha... I dunno, I think she's trying to compete with dumb Paris Hilton or somethin'...

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The Moon is made of... Cheese!

Friday, August 17, 2007

The landings of Apollo 11 and Apollo 12 on the moon sent shock waves through the moon's surface, which were detected on a seismograph. By measuring the speed of shock waves through rock (known as the seismic velocity), the density of the rock can be estimated.

The higher the seismic velocity, the denser the rock. Seismic velocities for moon "rock" were compared to those of rocks from various locations. The results were published in Science, and are shown below:

Seismic Velocities

Lunar________________Seismic Velocity (km/sec)
Basalt 10017.....................1.84
Basalt 10046.....................1.25
Near surface layer..............1.2

Terrestrial rocks_______Seismic Velocity (km/sec)


It is clear from this that moon "rock" is considerably less dense than any type of rock found on earth. The scientists then decided to examine the seismic velocities of various cheeses from around the world. Some of the results are shown below:

Cheese_______________Seismic Velocity (km/sec)

Sapsego (Swiss).................2.12
Romano (Italy)....................1.74
Cheddar (Vermont).............1.72
Muenster (Wisconsin)..........1.57

The seismic velocity of moon "rock" is much closer to cheese than any rock found on earth.

If you need more proof, go to Google Moon and have a closer look (hint: full zoom) on the moon, when much to my surprise there it was...

Confirmation that the Moon is in fact made of cheese. Not myth... fact! :P

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Prediction of the Computer from 1954

Thursday, August 16, 2007

How do you think the home computer will look like in 50 years?

In 1954, the RAND, a nonprofit global policy think tank first formed to offer research and analysis to the United States armed forces, predicted the computer would look like in 50 years (2004)...

How wrong were they?! This 'prototype' looked like a submarine simulator or something out of Flash Gordon. :P

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Giant Sausage fined!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Here's a funny news article from the Chicago Tribune.... according to the news article, a massive hot dog clogged Chicago's main artery last Thursday morning.

In a rare occurrence of an encased-meat vehicle committing a traffic violation, Chicago police ticketed the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile for illegal parking on the Magnificent Mile.

The officer wrote the ticket and affixed it to the wiener's footlong side mirror. Ed Walsh, a spokesman for the city Department of Revenue, said parking in a "Parking/Standing Prohibited Anytime" zone is a $50 violation.

About 15 minutes later, as curious passersby snapped pictures with their camera phones, the driver and passenger of the vehicle returned before tow trucks could arrive. "The situation was resolved without the use of ketchup, which in Chicago is a big thing," Smith said. The entourage got a grilling from the officer.

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Signs the Space Shuttle Astronauts Have Been Drinking

Monday, August 13, 2007

At the end of last month, NASA received yet another jolt... The Agency which has had a rocky year from the start, beginning with the arrest of an astronaut accused of attacking a rival in a love triangle. That scandal was followed by a freak hailstorm that tore into a space shuttle on the launch pad that set back the year’s flight schedule.

Aviation Week & Space Technology reported on its website that Nasa astronauts were cleared to fly while drunk at least twice even though colleagues had raised safety concerns, a panel set up by the US space agency has found.

The panel also said it found evidence of heavy use of alcohol within the 12-hour pre-flight ban on drinking. Here are some signs that space shuttle astronauts have been drinking;

Drunk dialing Mission Control at 2am

The turn signal's been blinking since Jupiter

Space junk now includes beer cans and liquor bottles

They do a shot every time they circle the earth

Overheard on the radio, "One small shot for man, one giant keg for mankind"

Keep asking people to refer to them as Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock

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Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane? No, It's a Baby

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Found this interesting news... it's about a New Zealand couple looking to call their newborn son Superman - but only because their chosen name of 4Real (???) has been rejected by the government registry.

Pat and Sheena Wheaton say they will get around the decision by the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages by officially naming their son Superman but referring to him as 4Real, the New Zealand Herald newspaper has reported.

The Wheatons decided on the name after seeing the baby for the first time in an ultrasound scan and realizing their baby was "for real."

They decided 4Real was the best way to write it, but the name was rejected because the registrar said a name had to be a sequence of characters.

Pat Wheaton said he was considering appealing the decision through the courts, but whatever happens he won't be budged on his choice.

I wonder what will ppl come up with next?

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