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Monday, September 27, 2004

I've managed to obtain the highly acclaimed console version of Splinter Cell: Pendora Tomorrow for my mobile. One word, WOW! It's amazing how mobile gaming evolved from a simple snake to this highly addictive platform gaming.

In this game, you play Sam Fisher who is sent where no one else can go to do what no one else can do! Meanwhile, a gruesome threat is looming over the whole world. To avoid being captured or eliminated, the dangerous leader of the Indonesian guerilla group Suhadi Sadono has perfected a Machiavellian plan that serves as his own life insurance. If he fails to make contact with his men every day, the latter will trigger a huge network of biological bombs, propagating the smallpox virus throughout the biggest cities in the world!

Sounds exciting! hahaha.. I think there is a great future for mobile gaming and a report from CNN states that major gaming companies like EA are jumping in on the bandwagon. Hopefully there will be more interesting games in your mobiles soon.

As for me, it's back to save the world. :)

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