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Chip and Kim wins the Amazing Race 5

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Whew! Finally, the race is over! This is one reality show that I follow religiously week after week. This time round, the race was more intense with new 'surprises' introduced during the race namely the yield and no-money start if you come in last during the non-elemination leg. Not only that, one particular team (Colin and Kristy), was really competitive. Coming in first place almost 70% of the season.

Anyways, the last episode was really good with the final three teams giving their all to win the 1 million dollar prize money. It was a neck to neck race from Manila to Calgary until Chip and Kim did a clever menuever and managed to get an earlier flight back to the Dallas. While other teams struggle to get on the same flight the leading team were cruising all the way to the finnish line.

I was actually rooting for models Brandon and Nicole to win the race but who cares, as long as Colin and Kristy didn't win. hahaha.. don't intend to be mean but Colin did play the game really well. It's just that he's so damn cocky and arrogant and Chip took advantage of that by feeding his hungry ego and thus, forcing him to make unforced errors. hehe.. Overall, a great show (2 emmy's can't be wrong :D) and the news is, Amazing Race 6 is in two weeks time.

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