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Malaysian Idol by Numbers

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Ahh.. it’s down to the Grand Finale this weekend. After almost months of anticipation., it’s between two ladies, Jac and Dina. As I’ve expected since the start of the series, the first Malaysian Idol will be a female.

Anyways, here are the numbers from Malaysian Idol.

2,000,000 Highest viewership
50,000 Malaysian Idol viewership (1/10/2004)
54,000 Malaysian Idol result viewership (3/10/2004)
10,000 attended KL audition
200 Muhammads auditioned for Malaysian Idol
50 cents. Cost of sms to vote
18 Episodes
2 Finalist
1 percent between Dina and Vick

Overheard during the final 3 result show: What? That skinny guy up there is not Andrew?!

posted by Ivan, 4:31 pm


Yeah according to the offcial website, the total number of sms received was a whopping 650,000.. highest ever. If it was a margin of 1% that would mean that Vick lost by 6,500 sms votes.

I reckon Jac knows that she's poised to win the first title after Roslan called her the singing machine. Heard that she's got two albums out already b4 the idol outing. :O

I was hoping for a Jac v Nikki finals, but that however didn't workout. :P
commented by Blogger Ivan, 10/07/2004 01:17:00 am


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