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Revealed: Google Pagerank Code

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Several major websites and blogs have seen their Google Pagerank (PR) score drop in what is being called a major offensive against so-called paid links this week.

Sooo.. what's the big deal? Pagerank is the formula Google uses to determine the order in which search results appear. It is based mainly on the number of sites that link to a URL, but also takes other factors into consideration. A link from a highly ranked website is believed to carry more weight than one from a low ranking one.

A site's PageRank impacts not only its ranking in Google search results but also the price it can charge advertisers. A drop in ranking can have serious financial consequences, especially for smaller operators.

No one outside Google really knows how these things are calculated: it's a very closely-kept secret... until now! A reputable source has leaked the part of the PageRank algorithm responsible for recent pagerank update.

For all the geeks out there;

$pos = strpos($spammers, $domain);
if ($pos === false) {
$newpagerank=rand(0, 10);
} else {
$newpagerank=rand(0, $pagerank);

It basically means:

If you're flagged as a non-spammer, you get a random PR from 0 to 10

If you're flagged as a spammer, you get a random PR from 0 to your current rank. (i.e. if you're current PR is 4, then your new PR is random between 0 to 4).

Hope that helps! ;)

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More Recalled Chinese Toys

Sunday, October 28, 2007

We've all heard about the Chinese-made toys that were recalled due to lead. Unfortunately those weren't the only toys that have run into trouble lately.

Here are some of them here;

Bob The Builder Forklift Accident Playset.

Mr. Mashed Potato Head.

OJ Simpson: IF I Drew It.

Spongebob Nopants.

Where's the WMD: the picture hunt book.

Donald Trump: My First Hairpiece.

Britney Spears Hit n Run Lego set.

Face Lift Barbie.

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DIY Spoiler ;)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

6' of scrap lumber, $1.58

8 screws, $0.94

Ah Beng spoiler... PRICELESS

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The Danks Street Festival 2007

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hmmm... since moving to Sydney, I noticed that I've not made any personal posts. So... here we go! ;)

Had a pretty hectic weekend last week. Amongst the stops I made was the Danks Street Festival. Danks Street, located in the inner-city suburb of Waterloo boasts an array of art galleries, cafes and restaurants and for the very first time this year, the festival was extended into Young Street to accommodate a Sydney produce market, with fresh food from growers and bakers.

With my trusty mobile, I've managed to capture some sights from the festival. Bare with the photo quality will ya? :D

Danks Street Festival Promotional Banner

Festival was extended into Young Street

The crowd

The DJ stage featuring the ambient music of well known Sydney DJ's Kate Monroe and Garry Tee.

mmm.. lamb roast!

Specialty art store

Specialty bread store

Specialty bread store 2

Specialty sausage store

Specialty... umm... bumped into the infamous Fashion Police!

Face painting booth!

Yeah.. pretty exciting and not bad I must say. Nothing special but something different I guess.

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How Hot Is It...?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wow..! It's only October and it's gonna be 30 degrees here in Sydney this weekend! Hott!

If someone's gonna ask me how hot is it...? Here's my answer;

It's so hot, O.J. Simpson is stealing air conditioners

It's so hot, Angelina Jolie is adopting kids from Antartica

It's so hot, Paris Hilton is sleeping with Ben and Jerry

It's so hot, energy experts believe sweat is the new oil

It's so hot, Michael Vick is organizing penguin fights

It's so hot, Al Gore says civilization will be destroyed in our lifetime

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Funny and Amazing Graffiti!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's been awhile since I blog about funny signboards and ads. Here are some great graffiti finds! I am not saying I support graffiti, but... this stuff is so much fun! ^_^

hahaha pwn!

I can almost hear the music!

This is the best I reckon!

This is amazing!

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Coolpis: Who wouldn't want to drink something with a name like Coolpis?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ahh, refreshing Coolpis... THE soft drink to offer guests - before removing their blindfolds. Actually a Korean copy of the disturbingly named Calpis, Coolpis comes in Peach flavor and (stop reading now, if you can...) Kimchee flavor (??!!).

Kimchee, for those unacquainted, is a traditional Korean dish made from fermented cabbage and LOTS of red pepper. Makes Peach flavored Coolpis almost appealing, doesn't it?

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Savage Chickens... Animated!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Wow! Doug Savage has outdone himself this time. He decided to enter his great Savage Chickens comic to a music video contest for Laura Veirs... even though he only had 12 days until the deadline and no prior animation experience.

After 500 chicken drawings (equal to his entire comic output over the past two years!), a sore arm, callused finger, and an injured back from leaning over the tripod so much, Doug submitted this great stop-motion animation:

Sorry for the lack of updates... been busy settling down in Sydney.

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