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ESPRIT Vertical Catwalk 2004

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Heard over the news that there will be a ‘fashion show’ organized by ESPRIT showcasing their latest sportswear in KLCC today. The only thing that is different is that the catwalk will be vertical! Anyways during lunch time, Dillon, Calise and I went over to KLCC to have a look at this feat.

The show started around 1:10pm with the blazing hot sun right above us. The backdrop of the catwalk was almost perfect with the twin towers right there in the background. Good photo op. :) The German-produced show itself was pretty good with the models walking down on the catwalk vertically and doing some great synchronized free fall stunts. It was entertaining and exciting at the same time. The whole show was quite energetic with the typical upbeat fashion show music played during the whole show.

At the end of it, we left feeling quite satisfied even tough we had to get drench by the hot tropical sun. Personally, I felt it was more like an extreme stunt rather than a fashion show. Hahaha.. the best thing is, no one paid attention to the clothes that the models were suppose to parade. ;O

Photo Album: ESPRIT Vertical Catwalk 2004

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