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Technology: QR barcodes

Friday, October 01, 2004

Stumbled upon this new technology by the tech savvy Japanese. It's quite interesting and it might revolutionize the way ppl do advertising.

Anyways, the technology is called QR barcodes. QR Codes are basically 2-dimensional UPC or barcodes. As you can see on the manufacturer's page (click on title above) they're capable of holding quite a bit more data than a standard UPC code. It's an internationally standardized system of encoding information so that it can be read by a visual scanner.

These codes are quite common in Japan and are often seen on flyers and magazine ads. Cellular phone users can scan the code with their built-in camera and immediately have all the contact info they need entered into their camera, sorted appropriately.

These codes are reportedly quite durable, allowing up to 30% of the code to be obscured or removed by dirt, marks or damage and still be completely readable. The can be printed as a regular graphic by any printer, making them very flexible.

Here's the QR code for my blog. To advertise, just attach it to a T-shirt. :)

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