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Of rising fuel prices, Ferrari, and Picture Virus

Thursday, September 30, 2004

A day of shocking news and surprises.

1. Due to rising world crude oil prices at approx USD48 per barrel, petrol and diesel prices will go up by 5sen per litre effective Friday (01/10/2004), according to a statement from Malaysia's Domestic Trade and Consumer Ministry. Sigh, looks like this will result in a gradual increase of all goods and services soon. Everything is going up except my salary. :P

2. The lastest news is, Michelle Yeoh is engaged to Jean Todt, the French sporting and managing director of Ferrari. Yikes, this comes as a surprise as this came a month after she broke up with her former movie producer boyfriend. Yeoh was quoted by the newspaper praising Todt as a "very nice person" and admitted that she was glad their love made both of them very happy. Happy?Are you kidding me? That's an understatement!! He's the FERRARI boss!! :O

3. Looks like Microsoft is at it again. More exploits on their popular Windows OS as a virus named W32.Perrun, will appends itself to .jpeg or .txt files. The exploit takes advantage of a flaw in the way Microsoft applications process .jpeg image files, a common format for displaying images on the Web. What does the virus do? According to BBC, theoretically, a malicious attacker could take over a vulnerable machine using a carefully crafted image that contained code to exploit the bug. Yikes, now we hafta be careful when opening a .jpeg file from annonymous or unknown email sender.. sighh.. looks like another patch download. It never stops does it, Mr Gates? :P
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