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Jacky Chan in One Utama

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

When I first heard that Jacky Chan was coming to One Utama to promote his latest movie, The New Police Story, I told myself I am going to see him! Anyways, One Utama shopping centre is only 5 mins drive for my place and I would not wanna waste an opportunity to meet an actor.

The event was scheduled at 9pm, that's what all the banners and adverts said anyways. My colleagues and I managed to arrive at the shopping centre at 8:55pm and how fortunate, we were just in time to see Jacky come on stage. haha.. he came on stage, thank his Malaysian fans for supporting him and his new movie. After that, he waved to the crowd and left the stage. It was all over in... 2 minutes!! What!! It's not even 9pm yet!!

He left using the fire exit behind the stage. Anyways the best thing is, those ppl who came at 9pm to catch him would not know that Jacky came and went 'cos there are still so many ppl crowding around the stage. Those new ppl just kept pulling the crowd and soon there's a new big crowd hoping to catch Jacky. hahaha.. it's hilarious. The crowd disperse with a puzzled look when the cleaners came on stage and kept all the banners and microphones almost half an hour later. haha.. who would have tought a big star like Jacky would come and leave promptly before time. :P

Anyways, managed to catch a pic of the event with my new K700i :DD. In the picture, Jacky is waving to the crowd with his co-star Daniel Wu. yeah.. i know, it's abit small.. hahaha

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