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Signs that you're blogging a little too much

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Wow how time flies! It's exactly one year since my first post Image hosted by and it's been an interesting one year as I've managed to meet new friends and hook up with old friends as well. For me, it is actually quite entertaining reading old post and I've noticed that I've posted at least 5 post a week. Yikes!

Anyways, here are some signs that you're blogging a little too much;

You accidentally post the wrong article on the wrong blog.

Your mom have to visit your blog to know what you're up to...

You have more friends in the blog-o-sphere than in real life.

You dream about your blog stats.

People start emailing and calling you when you do not post anything for a day.

You keep switching hosts to keep up with your bandwidth.

You name your pet coconut Kenny.

You make more money from adsense than you do at your day job.

You leave the house only to have something to blog about.

You consider marrying someone once you find they've posted about your blog.

You also want your own article in the newspaper.

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