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Signs that you're too drunk to drive

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Ahh.. it's been a month since the government included the say no to booze component to the health ministry’s healthy lifestyle campaign. I'm sure that didn't make any difference. This is a follow-up of my post last month.

Well if you're still consuming booze like that's no tomorrow, here are some signs to tell if you're too drunk to drive;

The bouncer suddenly looks really hot. Image hosted by

You can't decide which steering wheel to use.

The Big German, Franz in the corner suddenly looks like a wimp.

Your feet are sore from dancing, and the candle light dinner is only half way through.

You can't count to 1.

You've just won a bet for $100 that you can eat your beer glass.

You can't find your left hand.

It's impossible to see the road because your pants are on your head.

You call the police thinking someone has stolen the steering wheel, only to find out you got into the back seat of your car by mistake. Image hosted by

Image hosted by
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