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Reasons To Hold The 2016 Summer Olympics In Kuala Lumpur

Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Brits cheer as London wins the bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games by a four-vote margin, we Malaysians should seriously consider bidding for the 2016 Olympics. Think of what it could do to our economy and our nations' status!

Here are some reasons why Kuala Lumpur should hold the 2016 olympics;

We have lotsa rubbish lying around to use for javelins and shot puts events...

Our drivers on the road are already so competitive... think of our 'world class' athletes!

We've already have all the stadiums from the Commonwealth Games.

Our pasar malams are ready to sell overpriced souvenirs.

Polluted air offsets any effects of ANY illegal performance enhancing drugs.

Our taxi drivers can already speak foregin languages.

Ooo.. we also have cheap pirated DVDs!

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The handbag snatchers will then victimize the international audience and leave our local women alone.

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