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Lesson for the day: A small change

Monday, July 11, 2005

There is this tooth paste production company in US, producing a high quality, beautiful packaging toothpaste that is well received by the consumers. The sales of the company increase every year by 10-20 recorded for the first 10 years. This has please the shareholders and the management.

But when they entered to the 11th, 12th and 13th year, the sales became stagnant, every month maintaining the same figure. The board of directors are very unhappy about the performance and call for a national management meeting to find a solution.

In the meeting, one young manager stand up and speak to the board, "In my hand there is an envelope, it contains a suggestion. If you want to use my suggestion, you must agree to pay me another 50,000 dollar!!"

The president is very angry when he get this demand, "I am paying for your salary, on top of that, you are getting profit sharing,allowances and bonus, now I call for the suggestion, you still want to press for another 50,000 dollars, don't you think this is too much ?"

"Mr. President, please do not misunderstand my request. The salary that you paid me, get me working hard for the company everyday. But this is a very important and valuable suggestion, you should pay extra for it. If you think that my suggestion is not worthily, you can throw it away and pay me nothing. But, if you do not look at it, what you lose will be more than 50,000 dollars." Explain the young manager.

"OK, I will see what sug! gestion that is worth so much!!!" The president take the envelope and read the contents. After reading, he just write a cheque value of $50,000 to the young manager. On the piece of paper inside the envelope, there is only one sentence, "enlarge the opening of the current tube by 1 mm."

The president immediately order for this suggestion put into force. Just imagine, every morning, every consumer will consume additional 1mm of tooth paste, the total daily consumption of the product will increase by how much? This suggestion has increase the sales for the 14th year by 32.

A small change sometimes can really change the whole picture. When we are facing the new information, new introduction or new innovation, do not ever seal your head, forget about it. We must open our mind, even just 1mm to accept these new information and innovations. Who knows one single innovation will bring us insights that can improve our performance by manyfold, and improved our life, don't you think so?

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