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Movie review: War of the Worlds

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Managed to catch Spielberg's latest big budget movie last night and it was a sell-out! In Brisbane, there isn't any seat number printed on the tickets. Thus, I had to be satisfied with 5th row from the front. Not too bad I guess. Come to think of it, the aliens do look bigger from where I am sitting. Image hosted by

The film practically starts of with Tom Cruise (playing an average Joe) walking outside in the morning only to be unexpectedly greeted by neighbours and passer-by with cameras and video equipment. Everyone is looking at the ominously brewing sky, the beginning of a massive alien invasion. A note of interest, this is Spielberg's second collaboration with Cruise after Minority Report.

The film is a completely new and contemporary version of the H. G. Wells' novel. The plot of the story is pretty straight forward. It follows Cruise's character as he 'journeys' to Boston to find his ex-wife when the aliens attack. There are obstacles along the way of course. Spielberg spends as much screen time depicting the insanity of this world, and mankind's inhumanity toward one another as he devotes to the alien attackers. Not bad I would say, but for me, the plot is a bit too shallow.

Like all sci-fi movie nowadays, the visual effects are stunning. When the alien warships rise up to kill everyone, it's interesting to see the towering walkers stomp on buildings and panicked humans get disintegrated out of their clothes. Total chaos! I guess the effects team did an exceptional job, showing the chaotic and insane state of Earth when invaded.

The actors did very well in their respective roles, particularly the impressive Dakota Fanning as Cruise's daughter. Oh... Tim Robbins shows up as well, nothing really special about his role though. Well, this movie is all about Cruise, Tom Cruise. His character is something like James Bond, who has an unexplained ability to never make a false move. I reckon the only injury he got from this apocalyptic doomsday was just a cut on his brow. :P Nonetheless, I reckon he did a good job with his character. It could've been better.

For me, the movie have all the right elements to keep you at the edge of your seats throughout the show but the ending destroyed the film. Overall, an entertaining popcorn movie BUT not really a must-see. Image hosted by

Ratings (Scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the highest)

Cast : 4
Sound : 3
Picture : 4
Storyline: 2

OVERALL : 3.25
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