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Things To Do While Stuck In Traffic Jam

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Ugh.... traffic conggestion in KL after chunks of concrete and cement crashed to the ground when portions of the elevated interchange under construction gave way near 3.2km Bukit Raja-NKVE. thestar.com.my reports that nine Bangladeshi workers are injured, three of them seriously.

Anyways if you get stuck in traffic jams frequently, not to worry..! Here are some things you can do while stuck in the traffic jam;

Just imagine you're doing a coke commercial.

Roll down window, ask person in the next car, "Is this the line for Fantastic Four?"

Walk up to car in-front of you, and tell him that you 'forgot' where you parked your car.

Call police, report stolen car, give number plate of car in front of you.

Play the brand new exciting game "My wipers are faster than yours!"

To make it easier, imagine you're waiting in line to run over Samy Velu

Attempt to play synchronized honking with the other cars...

Start mimicking the sound of an ambulance and see if the cars in front of you give way.

Walk up to car in-front of you, and ask him if he wants to buy DVDs.
posted by Ivan, 1:46 pm


Malaysians favourite past times during traffic jam or at traffic jam...

Nose digging!

Aren't we such hygienic people, always making sure our nose is always clean. After all, that is our air filter unit.

: P
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7/12/2005 04:07:00 pm


i like this one very much :)

To make it easier, imagine you're waiting in line to run over Samy Velu

- farking.spunge.org/blog
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7/12/2005 06:03:00 pm


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