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1 Utama: TGV vs GSC

Monday, June 27, 2005

GSC just opened its 13-screen cineplex in 1 Utama this week! Most of the people I've met told me to watch a movie in GSC 1 Utama for an 'experience'... more leg space, better sound system, brighter and wider walkway, better picture... and it's new (obviously)!

This would mean that TGV 1 Utama would need to brush up and improve to get it's customers back. Nowadays, ppl just bitch about TGV 1 Utama... frequent breakdowns, crackly sound, long lines (only 2 counters open during peak time?), rude staff, dim walkway... yadda yadda yadda...! I guess it's natural when ppl start to comparing you when your competition open just round the corner. The best thing about this is... the guys over at TGV 1 Utama ain't doing anything about it!

I've worked there 6 years ago for 2 years and today, that cinema has taken a turned for the worst! It's sad really. I guess the management must realise that going to the cinema is a magical experience and thus, they should make it a memorable one. Yups.. the staff always made it a memorable one... a bad one! Me and my friends recently got screwed by the manager because the ticketing guy keyed in the wrong time and we did not check (we assumed it to be correct) and thus, unable to get our refund or change to another time! C'mon.. I've worked there before and all you need is press a couple of keys... and the manager says it's A NEW POLICY! What BS!

Anyways, who cares now... with GSC open, patrons will be able to have an option. Not for me tough... I'm in Brisbane now and 1 movie ticket cost like AUD14! Ouch!! Image hosted by
posted by Ivan, 12:20 am


Went for a midnight show and Batman begins was delayed and later 'cencelled'.

When asked for a refund... the staff looked and me and said rudely... line up lah!
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urghhh..I tried watching at the new GSC One Utama last Wednesday when they offered free movies. I would say, the GSC Times Square and other TGVs are better compare to this outlet. It's true that the setting is nice, plenty of counters to purchase tickets and foods but I was so shocked to find that the seat size has decreased. It's getting smaller, I had to squeezed my butts to be able to seat. I am a big size person but I have never had any such experience in any cinemas except this one. The last movie I watched was Madagascar in Times Square. I am getting bigger? No, I don't think so. I still wear the same pants I wore a year ago...

Maybe that is because most people who lives around One Utama area are small sizes people...


p/s: on the day I went there, I had to wait for 30 minutes to get my ticket because the system broke down. Yeah, right. Talk bout giving away free stuff!!

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