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Famous schoolmates and Top 10 signs that you are famous

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Had dinner with my high school buddy, Johan or popularly known as JFK of and TV3's Mentor fame. It's interesting to note that we seldom meet up eventough we stay 2 minutes drive from each other.

Nonetheless, we had a great time chatting over dinner and catching up on old times and it's amazing how time flies! It seems like it was yesterday when we cycled around to see each other and talked about everything under the sun. Yup! Those were the FUN days. Image hosted by

We had a walk around after dinner and coincidentally, we met another of our schoolmate... 'Lah' of the popular R&B group V.E.

Image hosted by
(L to R: JFK, Ivan and Lah)

Since I've managed to meet up with 2 of my famous schoolmates, here are Top 10 signs that you're famous;

10. When strangers ask you to take picture WITH them and not FOR them.

9. When your hotel concierge claims you threw the phone AT him.

8. When your neighbour starts taking photographs of you in the mornings.

7. When you see blogs... about your blog.

6. When you're married to Britney Spears... for one day.

5. When you have image, publicity, speech consultants telling you what to do... when you're go the toilet.

4. When your video with Paris Hilton turns up on the internet.

3. When your neighbour's photographs appear on URTV.

2. When you have your own reality show and for 12 weeks, all you say is... you're fired!

1. When you have email viruses named after you.

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So cute lah you... also, dont forget to invite me to ur wedding aights? Then we'll see who the real superstar of the day is... Grin. Peace.
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