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Signs that TM is monitoring you

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Cabinet has recently approved recommendations to restrict access to smut via personal computers. Amognst the recommended measures include getting the ISPs to provide Internet users an optional service to filter out obscene and indecent content.

Hmm... I doubt the filters will be effective blocking access to adult-oriented websites at the service provider end, 'cos tech-savvy users would find a way of getting around the filters. I wouldn't be surprised if our ISP, such as TM, starts monitoring our individual internet traffic to curb this major concern.

Anyways, here are some signs that TM is monitoring you.

That TM guy seem to be fixing that telephone pole behind your house for weeks.

You always get Error 404 while trying to access or screenshots.

You noticed a white unmarked van parked infront of your house for days.

You always get 'Your search did not match any documents' while searching for The Sarong Party Girl Controversy on Google.

Every MP3 you downloaded sounds awfully familiar... Negaraku!

That TM guy who is fixing your telephone pole just followed you into the LRT.

Every time you turn around the shuffling sound stops and that TM phone booth with the rosak sign seems to have gotten a little closer.

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posted by Ivan, 2:42 am


hahaha ok now that brightened up my day :D
commented by Blogger Boinq, 6/21/2005 12:40:00 pm


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