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F1: What a pathetic race!

Monday, June 20, 2005

At the US Grand Prix this morning, all 7 Michelin runners pulled straight into the pits after the formation lap, leaving only the Ferraris (what else is new?), Jordans, and Minardis on the grid, with Michael Schumacher predictably lead and won the Grand Prix.

Earlier, Michelin had announced that its teams would not race unless a chicane was added at turn 13 to slow the entry speed onto the banked corner. However, no work was carried out, and Renault, McLaren, Toyota, BAR, Williams, Sauber, and Red Bull all pulled their cars out of the race in the interest of driver safety.

What a shame! I'm actually quite disgusted that the FIA cannot find a resolution to this problem. This has of course worked well for FIA's buddy... the Ferrari's. It came to light that 9 teams out of 10, including Jordan and the Minardi (on Bridgestone tyres) want to put a chicane in turn 13. The FIA say no because their buddy did not agree. Image hosted by

The Michelin teams have agreed to take penalties post-race for this change in favour of putting on a show for the public and the well-being of the sports, but the pathetic-self-centered Ferrari have refused that.

Image hosted by It's darn early in the morning now... zzzzz
posted by Ivan, 3:13 am


Actually, I support what the FIA did. You should try looking in Ferrari/Bridgestone's point of view. Michelin's request was almost as if saying "Ok, so my tyres are not suitable for this track. So please make this track suitable for my tyres instead."

I mean... Bridgestone can then do the same thing if they know they are not as competitive in some other track. I believe Michelin is at fault and should take the full blame. Com'on... this isn't the 1st time they raced in Indianapolis, they should be well aware of turn 13's 9 degree banking. Anyway, I rambled bout it too :P
commented by Blogger WH?, 6/20/2005 04:37:00 am


Excellent answer Kenneth.

Real fans of formula 1 can appreciate the truth.

This is my tots on this.

Take care,
commented by Blogger mamat, 6/20/2005 06:41:00 am


[kenneth] I see you point. But for the interest of safety and the public, the 9 other teams agreed to exchange track position for racing. It would seem that it has nothing to with performance issue but more of a safety concern.

I think that seems pretty far.
commented by Blogger Ivan, 6/20/2005 11:12:00 am


turn 13 wasn't the issue. it was the newly surfaced track. turn 13 was a 'scapegoat' for michelin to make it a complete farce, just to cover their mistake.
commented by Blogger cccp, 6/20/2005 12:22:00 pm


[cccp] ... and how do you explain the symtoms in only the left rear tyre of the car? Was watching itv this morning and according to them, all but 2 of the michellin runners showed the same symtoms.
commented by Blogger Ivan, 6/20/2005 01:44:00 pm


Whether it was turn 13 or resurfacing of the track problem, it's still clear Michelin made an error and for them to "demand" the track be changed it's really absurd IMHO. Not to say that tracks have not changed throughout time, as a matter of fact, tracks do change... chicanes have been added etc etc. But all this are done after some consideration. For Michelin to ask for a change in the track within 24 hours is absolutely crazy.

Moreover, if it's a safety concern over taking turn 13 at full speed... FIA did send a letter back to Michelin suggesting three things.
I quote
"As explained in our earlier letter, your teams have a choice of running more slowly in Turn 12/13, running a tyre not used in qualifying (which would attract a penalty) or repeatedly changing a tyre [every 20 laps] (subject to valid safety reasons)."

The FIA did offer solutions which Michelin could've taken. But clearly it looks as though Michelin is not willing to take the penalty.

Sorry to ramble so much on your comment box though. Just making a point :P
commented by Blogger WH?, 6/20/2005 05:29:00 pm


cccp: michelin did admit their mistakes in that, i don't see them covering up. that looked like a biased opinion of yours.;)

michelin is totally screwed up, but formula one is worse. it never crossed my mind that only 6 cars would race what would be the lamest race in f1 ever (hopefully).

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