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Monday, September 20, 2004

Bought myself a new mobile over the weekend. :) It's a SonyEricsson K700i. It comes with a VGA camera, color screen, MP3 funtionality, bluetooth, infrared, triband and a storage space of 41mb. Not bad for a phone I would say.

i like the large and colorful display of the phone. Looks like large displays are now the in thing for mobile phone. Unlike Nokia, the new models still comes with small squared displays (except the N7610). Another plus feature is the MP3 ringtone functionality. Yup, that means you can attach your MP3 songs as a ringtone. I'm sure to turn some heads. hehe.

The camera is pretty cool as well. It has all these effects you can do. (i.e. Polarized, blackwhite and negative colors to name a few.) What makes this camera different from others is that it can take up to 4x zoom and you can record 'unlimited' video.

So far the only problem I fiind is that I can't seem to delete names attached to a group. hmm.. bug? I am still getting used to the sms feature of the phone. So far, I am still too used to the Nokia's sms function.

Overall, a cool and function-filled phone. With the new camera phone, you'll see more 'intersting' shots on this blog. ;)

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