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Signs the Space Shuttle Astronauts Have Been Drinking

Monday, August 13, 2007

At the end of last month, NASA received yet another jolt... The Agency which has had a rocky year from the start, beginning with the arrest of an astronaut accused of attacking a rival in a love triangle. That scandal was followed by a freak hailstorm that tore into a space shuttle on the launch pad that set back the year’s flight schedule.

Aviation Week & Space Technology reported on its website that Nasa astronauts were cleared to fly while drunk at least twice even though colleagues had raised safety concerns, a panel set up by the US space agency has found.

The panel also said it found evidence of heavy use of alcohol within the 12-hour pre-flight ban on drinking. Here are some signs that space shuttle astronauts have been drinking;

Drunk dialing Mission Control at 2am

The turn signal's been blinking since Jupiter

Space junk now includes beer cans and liquor bottles

They do a shot every time they circle the earth

Overheard on the radio, "One small shot for man, one giant keg for mankind"

Keep asking people to refer to them as Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock

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