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Time Machine for Sale!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

This guy from NZ is putting up his 'unfinished' project for auction. From his testings, there were mixed results and of course, there are no guarantees! The thing is... the auction is now closed (damn!)... but you can still see the product here.

Here are some Q&A found on the site...
Q: Yes I do know what I am doing.. without the flux capacitor I can't modulate the 21 gigawatts of energy I need to transmogrify the time / space continuum. So far all attempts to locate a flux capacitor have proved fruitless, hence why I haven't been able to time travel. They've got them in the future, but I can't get there to get one. posted by: studio1 (203 ) 4:39 pm, Thu 29 Sep
A: I dont know a great deal about flux capacitors as my machine does not use one. You could try getting in contact with Marty McFly, his delorean time machine is based on Flux capaitation and he maybe able to supply you with one. May pay to get a couple cos they dont last to long apparently. I think I saw one for sale on trademe a while back..
Q: I have half of my cheese and tomato sandwich left from lunch, would you consider a trade? posted by: adamstar (2 ) 4:44 pm, Thu 29 Sep
A: What kind of dressing ?

heh heh...
posted by Ivan, 8:34 pm


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