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Saturday Night Out: A-League

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Took the opportunity to watch the A-League on Saturday since it was Queensland's home game agaisnt league leader, Adelaide.

The match was just alright. Nothing to shout about since I've been to the Premier League matches 2 years ago when they had the promo matches in KL.

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The match started relatively slow with both team had an equal chances at attacking the goal. However, Adelaide played more 'flowy' football than Queensland, who seem to have a problem when they get too near the opponents goal mouth. It's frustrating 'cos watching your team throw away chances after chances!

The match ended 2-1 with Adelaide, as expected, with the advantage. IMHO, Queenland's got a fair way to go b4 they become a top team like Sydney or Melbourne. Heard that Queensland's trying to woo Mancheter City's Andy Cole to play in the A-League... yeah right!
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Just wait until our clubs start competing in the Asian Champions League. It’s a start up league at the moment, but it will get better quite quickly with continued support. The supporters provide the attraction for sponsors. If Queensland were playing against Urawa Red Diamonds in the Asian Champions League, just imagine the interest and how many people throughout Asia would be watching.

More than would be watching C*llingw*od AFL or the Br*ncos NRL. teams.

Support The A-League and those who support it.

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