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Top 10 Things Men Know About Women

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Was having a discussion a couple of days back with one of my friend over a meal on the topic of what women know about men and vice versa. IMHO men are more predictable and thus in a way, easier to know what they are thinking of. Women? Well in general, these are the top 10 things men know about women...











Image hosted by Photobucket.com ummm...
posted by Ivan, 2:10 am


hello...came across ur site fm the project petaling site. it's quite amusing and witty. do keep up the good work! i really liked the rejected star wars titles post.

commented by Blogger Petrina, 6/18/2005 03:16:00 am


Quoted from Sepet (who doesn't quote from Sepet?)
"Your job is to love us, not to understand us".
commented by Blogger Cik Fer, 6/18/2005 08:15:00 am


I sure hope you didn't get that from here: http://whyistheplatypus.blogspot.com/2005/05/10-things-about-women.html

Funny, tho, if its original. :) But really, philosophically, is there anything left that is original but just a different way to express it?
commented by Blogger torment, 6/18/2005 12:57:00 pm


[Petrina] Thanks :D

[Cik Fer] Hahahaha.. I missed Sepet... :( But I think that's a good line.

[torment] I haven't been to any platypus blog, mate. I guess there are many diffrent variations to the same perception.
commented by Blogger Ivan, 6/18/2005 03:57:00 pm


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