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Advance Ticket Sale for Star Wars Episode III

Thursday, May 12, 2005

I just got back from watching Kingdom of Heaven in TGV 1 Utama and while purchasing the ticket for the movie, I've noticed that TGV has started selling advance tickets for May 19's screening for Star Wars: Episode III. Yup.. looks like we don't have to camp out in-front of the cinemas' like the hard-core Jedi's in the US.

It seems yesterday was the first day the cinema release the tickets for sale and I asked the guy behind the counter, how was the response, it seems that all shows for the first day are already 50% full (purchased). So, if you wanna catch the end of the saga on the first day, go get you tix now to avoid disappointed. (duh!)

I've noticed that GSC MidValley increased the admission rate for Star Wars: Episode III from RM9 to RM11..! Ouch..! Either they are taking advantage of the Force or they hafta pay the lorry driver extra to bring the reel in. :P I am not sure if the rate increase include TGV cinemas'. Anyone can confirm?

anyways for myself, I've won 2 tickets from GSC online for a special screening on the 21st May and won't hafta worry 'bout price increase or sold out tix. :)
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