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Amazing Race 7 Reaches Finish Line

Thursday, May 12, 2005

5 continents, 25 cities, and more than 40,000 miles, The Amazing Race 7 reaches the finish line last night. I would say this has been the best Amazing Race since the first season and according to the ratings, The Amazing Race 7 has drawn at least 12.25 million viewers to its last eight episodes in the US. Wow! This is the first time that the long-running reality franchise has ever done so.

So? what's so great about this season? Probably the inclusion of the Survivor: All Star couple, Rob and Amber did play a part. They are the couple that everyone love to hate. The couple practically dominated the whole race winning 5 out of the 13 legs. Most of their success is due to their abilities and experience in Reality TV (yup.. it helps!). Rob is at once ingenious and insufferable, cunningly evil and completely charming. His behavior and game play earned him the nickname The Robfather on Survivor Marquesas and lost him Survivor All-Stars.

IMHO, Rob practically brought a whole new level to the Amazing Race. After 6 seasons, I have never seen anyone literally grabbing children from a crowd to help push an elephant on wheels, constantly kidnaps recruits locals as guides and coerce convinces them to follow for miles and miles, stole a cab belonging to another team, bribed a bus driver to not open the back door (thereby delaying the teams standing toward the rear of the bus), asked for information and made the source swear that he wouldn’t tell anyone else and of course convince other team to take a task penalty... classic!

If you are watching the show and don't wanna know who won, please skip this part.

I personally do not fancy Rob and Amber in the Amazing Race. For me, they've already won USD1 Million and I reckon that they shouldn't have been in the show in the first place and should've given another couple a chance at the bounty.

However, I am happy how things turned out. Uchenna and Joyce Agu crossed the finish line first! muahahahaha! I was literally at the edge of my seat during the 2-hour finale and I am glad that they won. Things weren't easy for them as they have to come from behind (without any possessions) and had to beg for money in order to travel to certain places to do the tasks. They even had to beg for money to pay for the cab right before the finish line. Dang! If it was me... I'll be running to the finish line first and pay the cabbie later. Anyways, they truly deserved to win this hard-fought race.

Congrats to Uchenna & Joyce and Rob & Amber for a truly entertaining race. Certainly, this season has it all... Intense competition (mostly everyone else vs Rob & Amber), very close finishes, relationship conflicts, allies, back-stabbings, injuries, screw-ups, new game twists, difficult decisions, the classic dress-down brothers at the pit-stop, underdogs and flat tyres (they do blow everytime some one is in a hurry). :)
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