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Age of Google: Google World Domination!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Reality check, since the beginning of the year, Google has launched all sorts of new services and in the last three months, the search engine announced something new every month. New features for the search engine, new local services, new software for the desktop searches, infinite email storage space or even sattelite maps of US cities, all these in such a short time.

Argument is that most of these services are only in the beta phase, BUT I'll doubt that Google will ever give up on these services. Beta would also mean that there IS room for further improvement. So, despite the company’s profits increasing six times (profits, NOT turnover), it’s obvious Google has more tricks up its sleeve which will be conjoured up at the right time.

Let's speculate on what else the Don't be evil company has installed for us.

G Messenger?
Probability: 90%

70% of the company’s resources are directed towards searches and related services and only 20% of the company’s income are allotted for the development of other services, (i.e. Froogle)
The founders stressed the importance of online social communication, and considering that out of the 20% allotted to other types of services, Google was able to launch Gmail. Thus, it’s hard to believe the growing popularity of these services and the fact that they represent excellent advertising platforms has not been taken into consideration by Google. So don't be shocked when you add G Messenger to your list of IM.

G Browser?
Probability: 50%

Lately, especially after FireFox’s success, more and more users dream about a Google browser. When the company hired Ben Goodger, one of the engineers from Mozilla FireFox, the launching of a Google browser started to be regarded as matter of months. Come to think of it, it iss hard to believe Google will venture in such a domain, and probably it would be an interface that combines several services, in a better way than Google Toolbar does or even to extend its functions and compatibility.
With regards to G Browser, Google’s representatives denied several times the rumors about such a browser. We'll see.

G Video content distribution?
Probability: 65%

iTunes’s success and the way in which Apple is promoting its product have closed the music download market, and so the next battle will be video distribution.
The probability of Google developing a service similar to iTunes, but for movies, is minimum, because it wouldn’t match the company’s vision and sums of money Google would have to pay to provide movies could only complicate things. There are already two important projects for such a service: Google Movies and Google Video and it is hard to believe Google doesn’t have something installed for this domain, even though it won’t get directly involved in the movie distribution.

G CRM/ERP type software?
Probability: 75%

Nowadays, fast searching in a client or product database of a certain name, references, address, preferences, price or availability is the foundation of every business (online or offline).
Imagine a database which supports searches and implementations similar to what Google is offering? In a matter of seconds, such a database could operate searches in thousands of references, and return accurate results about any client or product. This search appliance might be a step towards Google’s affirmation on the enterprise segment.

G services for mobile phones
Probability: 100%

Google has already conquered the Web and considering its 2.1 billion searches per month, it’s unlikely that it will be dethroned in the near future, so the next battle will be... mobile phones.
Here's the stats, the number of mobile phones exceeds the number of PCs, and it’s easy to imagine that in the next couple of years, mobile phone searches will be the next 'in' thing for search engines, and Google is already offering a series of services for mobile phones, (i.e. Google SMS).

G Secretary?
Probability: 1%

Imagine, a intergrated app that helps you organize your schedule, searches, photos, address books and even your client/product db. This would indeed assist users with small/ medium businesses. However, privacy would be a main concern if CEOs of these business are not tech savvy and if the information are to fall in the wrong hands.

G Bush?
Probability: ~Project Scrapped~

This beta project was created with intention of replacing the current Google search engine. However after a year of testing, the beta test failed in a simple search for WMD. Researches are puzzled as to why after 5 years of searching and billions of dollars spent, no conclusive results were justified. Furthermore, what's puzzling is that the researches chose to continue this project eventough they are aware of the faulty algorithym in the beta.

So, what exactly and when will Google launch it's product is THE million-dollar question. I guess at this time, only the Google founders know the plan and where the company is headed. I am sure, whatever the plan is, it would change the way we look at the Internet... for sure.
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eh alamak how can forget that they are also developing G Operating System complete with Google inside processor chip and Google PC or Google Server line of product
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6/21/2005 04:04:00 pm


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