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Game review: Halo 2

Monday, November 22, 2004

I've finally finished Halo 2 over the weekend and I would say that it lived up to my expectation of a first person shooter and it's the best I've played to date! Here's my take on the great game.

The story picks up where the first Halo left off, with Master Chief enjoying a hero’s welcome back on Earth while the leader of the Covenant forces is branded a failure and sentenced to death. With this, the Covenant have vowed to make the humans pay. The Covenant then launched an invasion and managed to brake through Earth's defenses and now the population is facing annihilation. As usual, it's Master Chief’s job to save everyone.

There are loads of new features in the game, significantly the dual viewpoint approach of the game whereby you get to play the Covenant force as well. This actually dominates the games' storyline and I would say it actually gives depth to the game. The other new feature is the dual-wield where you have the ability to hold two weapons (AKA Chow Yuen Fatt style). The other useful feature is vehicle stealing. Now it's much easier to kick your enemy from those annoying 'Ghost' that shoots you and attempts to run you over.

In this game, almost everything is interactive. You can see barrels and crates flying around during battles and sometimes you can use this to your advantage. The enemy AI is really good with them dodging shots, jumping away from grenades, sneaking at you from behind and trying to surround you to get a better shot. As for your allies AI, they are pretty impressive as well. They don't simply run in to battle and thus, blocking your line of fire. IMHO, they do make a difference in battle. However, they do need to improve on their driving.

The game locations are incredible! The scenery are so detailed and breathtaking with grand looking structures for you to behold. I've actually stopped and took a look around at the scenery.

There are other multi-player features in the game which I haven't tried but it does looks cool. You can play the campaign in a co-op mode in split screen format or have a death match with 3 other friends or via X-Box live. Overall, an excellent game with fast paced action and excellent storyline to keep you captivated. BTW, there will definitely be Halo 3. :)

Ratings (Scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the highest)

Graphic : 5
Sound : 4.5 (Excellent soundtrack but game effects drowns the dialog)
Gameplay : 5
Storyline: 5

posted by Ivan, 12:25 pm


Everywhere I turn I see people consciously or unconsciously peddling Halo 2 to me. My resolution to focus on studies is so going down the drain, heheh.

Remember to take periodic breaks to shower and eat food. :D

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