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Watch Towers in Malaysia Highways

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Whoahh.. here's what I gather:

Objective: So that police can more easily spot negligent drivers in a crackdown on accidents that kill about 17 people daily. (Pak Lah: 95 per cent of road accidents are caused by negligent drivers.)

Method: To be built every 20km, thus enable police to zoom in quicker on errant drivers. The structure will be built on high ground at all straight stretches of the highways.
(Pak Lah: So that the drivers can clearly see the police monitoring them and thus comply with the traffic rules.)

Alternative Method: Police may also use heavy vehicles cruising at legal speed limit to force other vehicles behind them to follow the law. (Pak Lah: Motorists who overtook the police cars would be fined.)

Hahaha.. Malaysian highways are becoming more of a prison with the watch towers and police petrols. The cost for this project will be quite massive if structures were to be built every 20km and not forgetting the manpower used to man the tower. IMHO, it's a good idea to contain errant drivers but knowing our beloved country, how long will it take before the towers will be abandoned, thus making it an eye-sour.

Happy Deepavali one and all..! Drive safe and have a good long weekend!
posted by Ivan, 12:37 am


hahaha, i really do hope that they are joking. kinda absurd in my opinion really ;)

Cheers!!! :D
Big brother is watching you! scary but something will have to be done to errant drivers or we'll be reading about accidents every festive season to come.
commented by Blogger Kervin, 11/10/2004 03:33:00 pm


what does pak lah think he's doing. Alama! just install functioning cameras at every overpass or road signs. ( eg. cameras positioned on every 2km or 1km exit sign before the toll plaza/interchange)
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1/11/2005 04:56:00 pm


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