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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Vs. Halo 2

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Ugh, was reading the sports news this morning and read that Kuwait TRASHED our national team 6-1. How embarrassing and this came after the government increased the budget for the sports. :P Our soccer team never fails in showing the Malaysia MANA Boleh spirit eh?

Anyways, if you haven't heard, here's a newsflash: Videogames are a huge business. It's bigger than this year's US box office for movies and major publishers are spending millions to promote feature titles. Last week, Microsoft and Take Two Interactive released the tow most anticipated titles ever, Halo 2 and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (GTA:SA), respectively. Now get this, preorders for Halo 2 topped 1.5 million in the US. However, preorders for GTA:SA were not disclosed but said to be 'very substantial'. Both games are available exclusively for the X-Box and Playstation 2 respectively.

So, what's the match-up like? Put GTA:SA's Carl Johnson up against Halo 2's Master Chief, CJ couldn't come close to 10 feet of Master Chief. In numerical terms, Halo 2 is predicted to overshadow every other game on X-Box, including the long-running number one hit on the console, Halo, which sold more than more than 4 million units worldwide. Here's the math, if you calculate the pre-orders of Halo 2 and do some funny math with European numbers, and of course, skip Japan (because they'd rather play Hello Kitty than Halo 2), well, Halo 2 could sell a many-illion copies. Now the question is, will it outsell GTA:SA? With PS2 almost triple the installed base of the Xbox, there is little chance that Master Chief's upcoming shooter will out perform GTA:SA. GTA:SA predecessor’s GTA III and GTA: Vice City sold more than 11 million and 13 million worldwide respectively. Thus in terms of sale, looks like GTA:SA will win this hands down. However I reckon, Halo 2 will actually generate more console sales as compared to GTA:SA for the PS2.
posted by Ivan, 1:44 pm


Given theres already more PS2s in people's homes than the Xbox at the moment, it's more than likely a killer app like Halo 2 will have people buy the console, whereas a big game like GTA:SA wouldn't need to be the "killer app" to generate more PS2 sales, given there are already plenty of PS2s around. That being said, I'm more interested in buying the Xbox for Burnout 3 than Halo 2 =P
commented by Blogger Keen, 11/18/2004 02:37:00 pm


the result really 'malu' for all of us. just 2 days back in Buletin Utama the FAM president said sports can bring all the Malaysian together and now we are together with one heart feel so embarrassing.

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