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Mr Bush and the Beetle Red Smarties

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Looks like Mr. Bush is gonna win the US Presidential election if the electoral voting trend contines. According to CNN, Bush leads Kerry, 237 to 188 e.v and Bush just needs another 33 to win. It's a rather tight battle with Bush and Kerry neck to neck on % votes. Bush has 51% while Kerry 48%.

Anyways, was browsing for news and found this interesting article by Dan Parkinson. For me, it'll make me think twice before touching another red smarties. haha..

According to the author, the red Smarties get their bright colour from a dye made from dried and crushed insects. While that information may make the most devoted fan a little squeamish, it has left vegetarians with a particularly bad taste in their mouths. They claimed Nestle, which makes the candy-coated chocolate buttons, should consider an alternative for those unwilling to indulge in animal by-products.

The red dye used to colour Smarties is processed by crushing dried female cochineal isects, which are collected in central America. It results in the colourant cochineal, otherwise known as carmine or E120.
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FYI, bush just need another vote to win. 269 votes now.

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