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Signs that it's too darn cold

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Brisbane could be facing its coldest June day for more 90 years today as winter winds continue to lash Queensland.

By 11am today the mercury in Brisbane had climbed to just 11.6 Celsius - six degrees below average.

Not since 1916 has Brisbane's temperature failed to climb above 11 degrees in June. Winds in Brisbane reached 60 km/h, which was enough to bring down trees and a newly built brick wall in the Valley.

Here are some signs that it's too darn cold;

It's so cold, I had to defrost my mail

It's so cold, Peter Beattie restricted to annoying people indoors

It's so cold, people are getting into Brisbane Bus just to warm up

It's so cold, Sophie Monk has been downgraded from "hot" to "lukewarm"

It's so cold, you need jumper cables to get the car going

It's so cold, John Howard looks like a garden gnome

It's so cold, UN inspectors is off to inspect the reactor in Bali

It's so cold, Darren Lockyer is wearing long pants

It's so cold, people are flocking to Today's show with Karl and Lisa for the artificial warmth

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