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The problem with Xbox 360

Sunday, November 27, 2005

With Microsoft trying to gain advantage over competition by launching the Xbox 360 the earliest, the Console war rages on between M$, Sony and Nintendo. The result? It isn't quite what M$ expected with a number of problems rearing their ugly heads at the most crucial moment: launch date.

First and foremost, M$ have underestimated the Xbox 360's demand and are falling terribly short of pieces all over. Some unfortunate souls who've pre-ordered their 360s are being made to wait till January due to massive shortage.

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Besides having to wait in lines for nearly ten hours, gamers now have a new problem on their hands as it seems the Xbox 360 isn't very stable. Users all over are complaining about constant crashes and stuttering and freeze ups during offline and online play. Is this caused by overheating? Is it a software problem? Is there a problem with their copies? No one knows for sure, but the bottom line is that their celebration was cut extremely short by these nonsense.

According to Microsoft's spokesperson, only 15% of the users are facing the problem and even states that on a launch of this magnitude, problems were bound to arise.
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