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A380 lands in Australia!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

The largest passenger jet in the world has landed in Brisbane for the 85th anniversary of Qantas. According to news reports, thousands of people turned out to witness the event. Coming in from Singapore, the huge double-decker Airbus A380 touched down an hour after its scheduled arrival time at Brisbane airport.

I thought it would be an opportunity to be part Australia's aviation history and besides... nothing interesting ever happen in Brisbane anyways Image hosted by To make it easier, here's my 'time log' of the event.

7:15am Ughh... still contemplating if I should go or not. According to promotional and news materials, the organizers expect 100,000 ppl to view this historical event... Image hosted by thinking of the traffic and the car park... what the heck..

7:55am Arrived at the domestic airport carpark... surprisingly, no traffic jams and the car park was not filled. hmmm...

8:00am Went up to the top of the domestc carpark as per the promo material and got a spot just in time for the scheduled touch down time. Got a good spot overlooking the domestic airport. Not many ppl here tough.. maybe around 200 at most.

8:15am So many planes landing.. dunno which is A380... Just taking a cue from those guys standing next to me.

8:25am An airport staff came by and told us that the flight has been delayed from Singapore and will be landing only at 9:03am... ughh.. should haf stayed in bed longer...

8:40am Waiting...

8:50am Boring... Image hosted by

9:00am It's coming.. everyone is looking around... one plane landed, it's not the A380... We noticed that a JAL 747 is in queue and not taking off... could be the next one.

9:02am Another plane landed... it's the A380! Didn't manage to get a landing pic as I wasn't sure if it was the A380.. Image hosted by It looked like a regular plane from where I was standing... what a waste...! sighh.. another thing is, it's surprisingly... quiet. Another thing we noticed is the tail is taller as well. Most of the ground crew just stoped in thier track to look at this mammoth.

9:10am The A380 is being taxied to the Qantas hangar 300m away... there are a few cars following the plane.

9:15am Better leave.. dun wanna get caught in traffic haha.. thank God I parked near the entrance.

9:25am Finally for onto the freeway... on the way, we passed by the hanger and noticed that the A380 did not fit into the hanger... it seems that the tail is too tall for the hangar door. Image hosted by

The A380 will spend 20 hours in the hangar being dressed in Qantas signage before departing for Sydney, where it is expected to arrive at 9am Sunday, and then on to Melbourne. The Airbus can carry up to 840 passengers in its double-decker cabin, about 40 per cent more than the Boeing 747.

I'll post the pics up later...
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