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Lexmark Indy 300 Launch

Friday, September 02, 2005

The streets of Brisbane was transformed into a street circuit for the Indy 300 launch with roads in the city sealed off for the event. Around noon, me and my coleagues went for our 'early' lunch and waited for the event to start.

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It was a quarter past and we were getting restless just waiting around and suddenly we heard a loud roar! We turned our heads to the direction of the sound and we saw a truck making a tight turning... everyone laughed... 'Is that it?' I heard someone asked...

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The cars came 10 minutes later with a police escort and followed by a safety car, an Indy 300 racer, and 2 v8's. Nothing really exciting really. The indy car just did 2 rounds and a couple of spins.

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I followed to crowd to the press conference and managed to catch the interview with the drivers. I don't know anything about Indy and thus, don't know who those drivers are. I reckon they are Aussie drivers. Caught a couple of pics as they walk down from the stage.
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