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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I've been at work since 7am this morning and while 'relaxing', I found this joke in a forum. There are a few variations to this joke and most of you might already know this calculator 'trick'. Anyways,For those of you who don't know... get yourself a calculator and follow the naration;

There was this girl who was 13,
( key in 13 )

who had a boob size of 84.
(don't press anything just continue after 13 key in 84 so you'll get: 1384 )

she wanted to shrink it to 45
(continue to key in 45 )

So she went to the doctor, and he asked her to eat 2 pills a day.
(continue key in 02. Ensure that the 0 is in front.)

But she ate 4 instead.
(multiply the whole thing by 4)

Press equal and turn the calculator upside down and look at the number to find out what heppened to her....
posted by Ivan, 9:55 am


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