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MAS in Plane Plunge

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I don't know if this news made in to the local newspapers, but it was on all Australia's breaking news last night.

According to the news, about 200 passengers were on board the Malaysian Airlines flight to Kuala Lumpur and was forced to return to Perth International Airport after the plane experienced instrument problems about 40 minutes into the journey... the plane began shuddering violently and dropping more than a hundred metres at a time over a period of about 90 seconds. Here's the best part... passengers begin to panic after one flight attendant dropped a tray of drinks and another began praying.

That was a close one for MAS. The fact that the flight attendant started praying tickled me a bit. I am not saying that it's worng but I guess flight attendants should be calm and composed when faced with such situation. Anyways, the plane landed safely and the passengers all cheered when the plane touched down without further incident.
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Yup, it was in the newspaper. I too laughed when I read the part where the flight attendant was carrying a tray of drinks and then the plane started to drop and the tray drop. The flight attendant dropped together with the plane i.e. went down on the knees and prayed. Damn scary rite?

The papers here wrote what one person on the flight said. Something bout it was this person's first time on a plane and thought that it was common if the plane were to plunge a bit. Weeeee!!!!!!!

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