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Signs You've Had Too Much Coffee

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I guess it's a lifestyle here in Australia. Everyone seem to hanging out in cafe's at night and sipping on their coffee while chatting 'bout the latest Big Brother gos. I reckon without mamak stalls, cafe's are the only thing (besides pub) that is opened till midnight here. I know that the coffee culture has been around in KL for quite sometime, but this is different, people are actually queue-ing up to get a table!

Anyways for you cafeine lovers, here's something that might help... signs you've had too much coffee;

When you call hitz.fm, the morning crew ask you to turn yourself down.

You're first in-line in Starbucks... at 5am!

You can't stop saying "Tak Nak!"

You're passing everybody on LDP when suddenly you realize - you're not in a car.

You order your coffee and the mamak 'ah-neh' delivers it to your home.

Last time you got a good night's sleep, Michael Jackson was black.

You go nuts over little things like the crazy frog ring tone.

You're redeeming your buy 10 free 1 coffee from Starbucks for the 10th time in a week.

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posted by Ivan, 12:57 pm


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