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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Here's the continuing story of my farewell lunch saga. This time round, there were not secrecy in organizing this lunch since I've already discovered the surprise. The lunch took place in TGIF, The Curve on Thursday (21/4).

Not bad turnout I would say, 15 ppl - Chan, Dillon, Tsu Mae, Chuah, Calise, Heizam, Zaitun & kids, Kat, Shakina, Hathyia, Diana, Penny, Eric, Bert, and Lilian. We had a whale of a time gossiping about the happenings around the office and coincidentally, it was Hathyia's b'day as well, thus as per TGIF tradition, they made her feel special and made her stand up on the chair and sang b'day song for her. Ouch..!

I had a fair share of embarassment as well, as I was made to stand and give a 'farewell' speech and sing b'day song to the b'day girl prior to them singing the b'day song. Double ouch! :P Oh well, all in the name of fun. For me, it's nice to see my colleagues outside the office, letting their hair down and bitch about other colleagues. haha...!

Anyways, just wanna thank you guys for organizing this lunch and I really feel touched by your attandance. I really had a great time and I reckon we should do this more often and keep me up-to-date... muahahaha!

Yesterday was my official last day with the company and thus, this ends the first chapter of my working life.
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