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The Brown Anomaly

Thursday, April 14, 2005

When you see your blog traffic hike all of a sudden, you'll know that either
i) you're in deep trouble or
ii) you did something right or
iii) you got a link from a power blog.

I guess in my case, I got a link from Singapore's top blogger, mr. brown (b-man) on my post and the traffic just sky-rocketed like never before (like recent oil prices). This is what I call the Brown Anomaly.

Theoretically the Brown Anomaly applies to small time blogs (like this one), who gets a sudden increase in traffic due to one post that is linked to the power blog (like b-man's). Thus for a brief moment, all traffic descends on that small time blog for that one particular post. Just for that one moment. After that, the traffic slowly decreases and eases back to the support level which was maintained before the Brown Anomaly.

Darn...! It's interesting to see a 6-fold increase in traffic to my blog, but it'll be back to normal in a day's time. Anyways, I've been reading b-man's blog for a couple of months (since I overheard my auntie from Singapore talking about b-man's 'tau pok' post) and I do find him funny and amusing. I really enjoy his podcast during work hours and had a couple of hard time controlling my laughter (yeah... my colleague thinks I am a mad man laughing in front of the monitor :P).

Thus, to commemorate the Brown Anomaly on my site, I've created...

Image hosted by

hahaha.. b-man, if you're reading this (I doubt), I tried my best to make you look good leh... :D, and this weekend, I'll get a photo of me with an afro(!) as gratitude for the moment.

sighh.. this is sad.

posted by Ivan, 12:51 am


Haha...the "browned" icon is going to be a classic. But hey, you shouldn't be the one creating it, should be mrbrown's "job scope". Time to start asking for some financial support from mrbrown.
Hey Ivan, I 'kooped' your icon to put on my blog can? 'Cause I got browned before, heh. But I thought I'd better let you know first, since you own the copyrights to the logo.

Very nice work, btw. =D
commented by Blogger Sheena, 4/14/2005 04:22:00 pm


hey ivan..

haha...just got browned too. so i better tag your logo on my site as well. check it out
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4/14/2005 06:01:00 pm


[triple] yeah.. I never tought of it leh.. hahaha.. b-man, how about some 'royalty'? :) j/k only...

[merenwen] no worries, go ahead and 'kooped' it. we browned blogs must 'stick' together.. :)


[shortphat] ;) better not make it a habit.. or we'll see stickers flying around the blogsphere.. hehe
commented by Blogger Ivan, 4/14/2005 11:23:00 pm


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