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Photo Quiz 3

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Wow..! I've finally found the Alias: Season 3 DVD box set. No more waiting for 8tv every Monday nights. The thing about Alias is that every episode has a connecting story-arc and the writers enjoy putting in new plots at the end of each episode (arrghh!) to get viewers hooked. Thanks to the wonders of DVD, I'll get to watch at my own leisure. Anyways, here's the picure quiz for today.

These guys are:
a) in a cyber cafe.
b) playing the popular on-line game, Ragnorak.
c) applying for an on-line university degree.
posted by Ivan, 1:08 pm


definitely number 1
can I say d) sulfing porn?
commented by Blogger Kew, 10/19/2004 01:58:00 pm


hahaha... this is a PG rated blog.
commented by Blogger Ivan, 10/20/2004 09:08:00 am


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