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Movie review: The New Police Story

Monday, October 18, 2004

The show’s been out almost 3 weeks and I’ve just got around watching it. Surprisingly, there is still a large crowd watching this show after 3 weeks. Looks like Jackie is still very popular in this region.

It’s been awhile since Jackie made any Hong Kong movie. He’s recent ones were mostly disastrous Hollywood movies that made him look more like a kung-fu pumped Charlie Chaplin. This movie is the 5th installment of the successful Police Story franchise. The story begins when a well-armed group of robbers knock over a bank and slaughters a gaggle of cops for kicks, Wing, now veteran detective, a promises on TV that he'll capture the gang in 3 hours. The vain thieves take exception, and set a trap for Wing and his squad. After a brutal encounter, Wing emerges as the only survivor, leaving him physically and mentally broken.

A year later finds Wing, who still can’t forgive himself for what happened to his team, now a drunkard, is forced back onto the case when young police, Frank, charmingly played Nicholas Tse comes into his life. Their investigations lead them into the world of cyberpunk where money and power has the last say.

It’s a refreshing turn by Jackie Chan as he show’s more of his real ‘acting’ skills. He shows more of his emotional side and the burden he bore after his team was massacred. I reckon it’s something different from Jackie but somehow, I felt he was over doing it to make it believable (it’s not often you see the fragile side of Jackie’s character). This time round, the comic relief is not from Jackie but surprisingly from Nicholas, who played the role really well and got to show some of his ‘fighting’ skills as well.

This time, instead of exotic locations, this film is solely based in Hong Kong. This, like any other Jackie’s Hong Kong movie, the budget for this movie is HUGE, US$ 12.9 million. The most prominent part of the budget went to the runaway double-decker bus that demolishes one of Hong Kong’s popular shopping strip. What’s a Jackie story without explosions? There are tones of destruction in this movie and it’s enough to keep you at the edge of your seats without overdoing it. However, the fight scenes by Jackie are toned down this time round. The stunts are as usual breathtakingly choreographed. Importantly, the plot was simple but the storytelling expanded nicely without giving out too much at once. Overall a refreshing outing by Jackie and a very entertaining movie which is enough to make you remember why you love the Jackie’s old movie.

Ratings (Scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the highest)

Cast : 4.5
Sound : 4
Picture : 4.5
Storyline: 4

posted by Ivan, 12:16 pm


Everyone seems to tell me that it's a great movie. I better go check it out before it's not shown in the cinema's anymore :P

Cheers!!! :D
yeah.. catch it while you still can. :)
commented by Blogger Ivan, 10/19/2004 09:03:00 am


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