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Yahoo! Fantasy Football

Monday, September 13, 2004

Yahoo! Sport Fantasy Football, is a free game that lets you run your own team of real English Premier League footballers from the season 2004/2005 season.

Each week, you'll decide which players to start, with an initial budget of 100m (Makes you feel like Abromovich doesn't it). The better your players perform in real-life games, the more points they score for your fantasy team, and the more you can sell them for, in order to increase the value of your team. It's something like managing a portfolio of stocks but instead of stocks, it's football players. If your players do poorly after you have picked them however, you may lose money by selling them on. Therefore, stick to the finance theory, buy low sell high. :)

Like any other sports games, there are leagues which you can compete in to show off your managerial skills. You can either join a public group or create a private group. IMHO, creating a private group is much more fun as you can compete with you group of friends and thrash talk as the season progresses. Cool on-line game to keep you occupy and keep up with the EPL.

Anyways, I've been playing this game for 4 years and my score this year is the highest it has ever been at this stage of the game. :) haha.. Anyways, I don't really keep up with the game but I try to when I am free since the players need to be added to my 'portfolio' once a week.

Points: 586
Overall Rank: 890
Percentile: 99th
Rank Change: +786
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