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Everybody wants to be Simon.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Was surfing the net earlier and I stumbled upon this site ( and discovered that they are 35 countries with the idol franchise. Amongst the new entries are India, China, Serbia, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, and few others. Well, looks like everyone wants to be someone somewhere. I wonder how the world idol format is gonna be this time round as there are so many contestant compared to last year. Probably this year they’ll split the contestant into three groups and have eliminations like the local idol shows. Hmm.. regardless, it’s gonna be interesting and competitive this year.

While on the topic of the idol franchise, Mr Hans Ebert, the executive director of EMI Music South East Asia accused the Singapore Idol judges of being 'subjective, rude and... destructive', spewing critiques smacking of 'bitchiness and pettiness'. Ouch!

According to his letter published in The Straits Times Life!, he managed to catch Singapore Idol while he was in Singapore, formed such a negative opinion about the show that he claimed he even sent copies of the first three episodes to Simon Fuller, the man behind the Idol franchise, whom he claims to be a 'good personal friend'. Double Ouch!

Well, looks like everyone wants to be the infamous Simon Cowell from American Idol. Even tough Simon is blunt and straightforward, IMHO, he actually respects the contestants and does not degrade or demoralize them. He gives constructive-blunt comments to encourage the contestant to improve themselves. I guess in every idol show, the producers will put one controversial judge to ‘spice’ things up. Unlike the other idol shows, all four Singapore idol judges are competing to be the ONE but it would seem that they are just trying too hard. :P Looks like everyone wants to be a Cowell.
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