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Recipe for Dan Brown

Thursday, September 09, 2004

I’ve noticed Dan Brown’s recipe after reading 3 of his novels.

1 Mysterious Murder.
Use Symbols or Crypto as subject.
Use technology and religious issues.

Main Characters:
1 single male probably a Uni Proffesor or lecturer.
1 gorgeous female, single in late 20s or early 30s.

1 powerful man who hires/consults by the main character for the mission.
1 highly skilled assassin who inevitably gets killed by one of the weaker main character.

Preferably done in Europe.

1 Hidden agenda. Villain will reveal it to the main character after capturing or cornering them.
1 ‘new’ problem, normally villain’s backup plan.

1. Add one mysterious murder in location.
2. Add main characters in location (preferably together) and stir.
3. Add plot. Carefully add assassin in location and put it to boil.
4. Boil for 7 hours.
5. Slowly remove the lid from hidden agenda twist and add one powerful man villain to twist. Stir slowly.
6. Once assassin desolves, add new mixture into location. Stir well.
7. Stir for 45 mins until new mixture has been desolves then add ‘new’ problem twist into location and stir for another 45 mins.
8. Meal done in less then 24 hours. Enjoy! :)
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I reckon the DaVinci Code to be a good read. It has the same ‘recipe’ of A & D but the thing is, there is an added element that makes it a good read, the controversy of the Holy Grail. I would recommend you to read the Code and skip the other two. :)
commented by Blogger Ivan, 9/09/2004 04:03:00 pm


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