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Bush ducks flying shoes

Monday, December 15, 2008

Well if you haven't heard about it yet... today during a surprise visit to Iraq, President Bush was in a press conference and a reporter stood up and threw his shoe at Bush...

...and Bush acting like it was nothing, dodged it and then the reporter threw his other shoe and again Bush dodged the other shoe.

Good reaction!

Speaking of reaction, bush had a pretty solid time on his duck and dodge reaction. Considering his age! Well, if I were him I would have been practicing too...! heh!

Anyways, the reporter said he did this for the orphans and widows that the war and Bush have caused. This is an act of disrespect in Arab societies since showing the sole of a shoe to someone is disrespectful.

I reckon the reporter should've picked a few pointers from Sir Alex Ferguson or get a bigger shoe like Ronald Mcdonalds' famous red! ;) Like this! Probability of hitting increased by 75%! ;)

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