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Revealed: Google Pagerank Code

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Several major websites and blogs have seen their Google Pagerank (PR) score drop in what is being called a major offensive against so-called paid links this week.

Sooo.. what's the big deal? Pagerank is the formula Google uses to determine the order in which search results appear. It is based mainly on the number of sites that link to a URL, but also takes other factors into consideration. A link from a highly ranked website is believed to carry more weight than one from a low ranking one.

A site's PageRank impacts not only its ranking in Google search results but also the price it can charge advertisers. A drop in ranking can have serious financial consequences, especially for smaller operators.

No one outside Google really knows how these things are calculated: it's a very closely-kept secret... until now! A reputable source has leaked the part of the PageRank algorithm responsible for recent pagerank update.

For all the geeks out there;

$pos = strpos($spammers, $domain);
if ($pos === false) {
$newpagerank=rand(0, 10);
} else {
$newpagerank=rand(0, $pagerank);

It basically means:

If you're flagged as a non-spammer, you get a random PR from 0 to 10

If you're flagged as a spammer, you get a random PR from 0 to your current rank. (i.e. if you're current PR is 4, then your new PR is random between 0 to 4).

Hope that helps! ;)

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posted by Ivan, 10:57 am


I hope this is another joke post as intended by the author of the blog that wrote this ficticious codes.

It was intended to poke fun at google and make them look foolish.

ROTFLOL!! many people got caught and taught it was real!
commented by Blogger Admin, 10/29/2007 12:43:00 pm


I've actually noticed something quite different from your observations. I do grayhat and blackhat seo, and just checked my sites. Link spammed sites ALL gained pagerank. In many cases, 2 full ranks. Now sites promoted via directories and the like, all LOST rank.
This update was aimed at nailing all the sites that bought links, not that spammed them. Oddly enough.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10/29/2007 01:37:00 pm


I wonder if there are anymore updates by google. Caught everyone by surprise.
commented by Blogger Ivan, 10/29/2007 02:39:00 pm


hur hur .. nice one .. but .. aiyor .. joke also joke nicely la .. *had a full 2 minute thought that it was for real.*
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10/29/2007 05:47:00 pm


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