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Emperor Nasi Goreng and the Great Wall of China

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Take a look at the photo below. Some of you will not get it while some will start laughing immediately!

Bigpond, Telstra’s internet service provider in Australia, has been connecting its broadband services with education, with the famous and memorable Great Wall of China television commercial. Here's the commercial.

Now the photo makes sense doesn't it? haha..! Can't believe these guys actually brought the sign all the way to China.

So what would happen if the boy had access to Broadband? He’d discover that the wall was built mainly to keep out the Mongol invaders. He’d discover that Nasi Goreng is popular Malaysian/Indonesian dish. Construction of the Great Wall of China began with under the Zhou Dynsasty when vassal states each built their own walls. Under the Qin Dynasty the walls were united, a symbol of the now united China. The wall was renovated during the Ming Dynasty.

As to rabbits in China? Calcivirus was first noticed by scientists in China in 1984. The virus has since wiped out 95 % of feral rabbits in parts of China.

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posted by Ivan, 11:31 pm


I know this is old... but I think you took the ad too seriously. The whole ad was a joke.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12/23/2010 08:54:00 pm


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