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Introducing Apple's iPhone

Friday, June 29, 2007

Unless you've been living in a cave the past six months, there's a good chance you have heard about Apple's new iPhone, which is scheduled to go on sale today in the US.

The iPhone won't stop global warming. It won't bring peace to the Middle East. But if it lives up to even a portion of the hype, it does have the potential to change how people interact with their cell phones, computers and each other.

Apple's iPhone, combining a mobile phone, iPod and Internet browser into one handheld gadget, could represent the closest consumers have come to carrying their life with them wherever they go.

With their photos, music, videos, friends and news at their fingertips, they won't have to leave any of it behind when they're away from home or the office.

Some already have started to embrace this lifestyle with smart phones such as the BlackBerry, but none of the iPhone competitors on the market offer quite as much as Apple is promising. Looking back, the iPhone could mark a tipping point, encouraging the masses to look at their cell phone as more than a cell phone and prompting profound changes in everything from privacy to citizen journalism. It could -- assuming the iPhone succeeds -- help introduce a new age of mobile living.

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